Backups, Disaster Mitigation & Recovery


Act of Nature

First in the axis of evil of data loss is a lightning strike.  This simple energy discharge between heaven and earth can be several million volts in strength and as thick as a tree trunk.  There is very little that can force a direct strike to deviate. Even the induction caused by a strike can cause voltage spikes of several hundred volt a few kilometers away in copper cables completely untouched by the original strike - these are usually the cause of most electronic damage.

The best thing you can therefore do is ensure your data exist in several locations at the same time and preferably at least 3mi/5km apart.

This photo illustrates a burglary or thief breaking into a home at night through a back door during the Christmas Holiday Season. View from inside the residence.


Act of Man

Next we have theft, both physical as well as virtual.  Where an employee copies something they shouldn't have access to, or physically takes your only device/server from your office and walks out the door. However, the worst and most likely of these types of situations is ransomware - where someone clicks an email attachment and next all your business data is encrypted and your are held to ransom.

Once again you require that your business data exists offsite and that no human had to remember to get it there.  Humans make mistakes, go on vacation, forget or are negligent.  What you need is a way for your data to automatically get offsite and remain in sync permanently


Fire & Negligence

And lastly we have fire. Something that can devastate your entire and very successful business with something as simple as a faulty wire in the office.

The answer remains the same, you require your business data to be offsite, current and be so automatically.

Big fire in the modern office building


Old school rules that still apply today

For decades the golden rules of backup, or rather disaster mitigation & recovery as it is known today, have been and still are the 3-2-1 rules

Have THREE copies of important data at any given time

Have your copies on at least TWO different devices or media types (e.g. disk and tape, or two different machines)

At least ONE copy of the data should be offsite

The Solution

We simply call our solution APC (Automated Private Cloud).  For it requires no human intervention; it is your second onsite copy of your critical data; gets your data offsite in the most efficient, encrypted and secure method possible and does so without eating away at your internet cap or influencing your office internet speed during office hours.

Our solution is a global standard in backup solutions & equipment, utilizing local South African ISO standard data centres. That is, your data is as safe as it can be anywhere and it never leaves South African borders and therefore resides permanently under South African jurisdiction and out from under the eyes of international agencies. Our solutions have stood the test of time and has helped customers recover from lightning damage, ransomware infections, hard drives breaking down, burglary, negligence and disgruntled employees - all in the last year alone.




We're so confident in our solution that we start from as little as R275pm for 2TB onsite and 50GB offsite, all equipment, storage and service included.   And if the fact that we give you the lowest storage pricing on earth, nevermind South Africa, is not impressive enough, we do not even ask you to sign a long term contract, but you can simply get what you require on a month to month basis and if you do not like it, can then stop the service with 30 days notice.

Think very carefully on this for a moment. We hand you thousands worth in equipment without asking you to commit anything more than a few bucks in any 30 day period. Would we do that if we were not confident in our equipment and service?